I wanted aftershock to finish me off, admits amputee

9:18 am on 28 February 2011

A man whose legs were amputated to free him from the wreckage of the Pyne Gould building says he knew immediately after the quake struck that he was trapped and feared he would die.

Brian Coker, who is recovering in Waikato Hospital, has released a statement about his rescue.

Mr Coker, who works for Perpetual Group, says he was leaving his first-floor office when the quake struck.

He says he knew straight away that he had been pinned and there was no way he could get out. Believing he was going to die, he texted his wife and children to tell them where he was.

Mr Coker says the pain was excruciating and he just wanted there to be a decent aftershock to finish it all off.

Life owed to wife and brother

He says he does not remember anything about the amputation because he was anaethetised, but would like to meet the doctors and rescuers at some stage.

Mr Coker says he owes his life to his wife Helen for contacting emergency services, and to his brother Malcolm, who is a paramedic.

He expects to be in hospital for several weeks and doctors say he will be having more operations in the future.