Christchurch support service provider still operating

12:41 am on 25 February 2011

A provider of in-home support services says they are continuing despite the evacuation of its Christchurch office.

Healthcare of New Zealand provides in-home community support, nursing, mental health, addiction and disability services.

It says it's still providing these services in Christchurch, either from Wellington or elsewhere.

It says Christchurch community and nursing services staff who support people in their homes are focussing on high-needs clients or those with urgent needs.

It's asking family and friends of non-urgent Christchurch clients to help with their daily medication and daily hygiene needs in the meantime.

Christchurch methadone clients who are normally delivered and given their methadone medication at home are urged to go to Hillmorton Hospital in Lincoln Road, Hillmorton, for their medication.

Families and friends who are moving family members supported by Healthcare of New Zealand, are asked to let the organisation know.

Christchurch staff who have not made contact with the organisation are asked to phone 0800 227 348 if possible.