Homeowners upset at latest quake repair timeline

12:03 pm on 2 December 2010

Some homeowners in Christchurch are upset by how long it could take before properties severely damaged in the earthquake can be repaired or rebuilt.

The Government on Tuesday issued its latest report, detailing the timeline for more than 22,000 households in the most damaged areas of Christchurch, Waimakariri and Selwyn.

More than 3000 sections require a lot of strengthening work, which could take - in a worst case scenario - until August 2013.

Shirley McDonald, 75, of Bexley says she does not want to be waiting almost two years for a new house at her age.

And Emma Goodall, who owns property in Brooklyn, says it is crazy that her elderly father-in-law will not have a decent place to live till 2013.

She says her insurance money to cover other accommodation will run out well before then.

That's reality - EQC

The Earthquake Commission says there is nothing it can do about the length of time some Christchurch homeowners will have to wait.

Chief executive Ian Simpson says the fact is that fixing so many properties will take time.