Many still missing out on help in Christchurch

9:00 am on 17 September 2010

New stories are still emerging of people missing out on help in earthquake-hit Christchurch.

Many are still awaiting inspections or camping out in their properties, unsure of what to do next.

Some of the stories emerged at a public meeting in the suburb of Shirley on Thursday night.

In one case a man rented out his house, only to find he could not get a mortgage or insurance to complete the purchase of his new one.

Other residents are ineligible for Red Cross or Mayoral Fund help because their houses have been officially declared only moderately damaged.

Officials at the meeting pledged to try to deal with the concerns, and vowed to speed up the process of investigating uninhabitable properties.

Angela Wasley of Avonside says many people are just not getting the help they need.

She says many residents have no sewerage or drainage, or doors or windows that won't open, but are just getting fobbed off.

Ms Wasley says she is working both for frustrated tenants and home owners in Avonside.