Teens arrested after 'crime spree' in Kaiapoi

8:17 pm on 15 September 2010

Police supported by soliders have arrested seven teenagers for what they are calling a crime spree within the earthquake cordon in Kaiapoi.

The suburb of Courtney Downs was severely affected by the 7.1 magnitude quake on 4 September and many homes are unoccupied.

Police say seven teenagers were in a vehicle stolen from nearby Rangiora and had been driving around Rolleston, south of Christchurch, and around Clarkville, Ohoka and Spencerville, north of the city

Police say officers and soldiers spotted the group within the cordon at 2am on Wednesday and chased them through deserted properties before catching six people.

A seventh teenager allegedly stole a bike from Kaiapoi and rode off to Rangiora, where he was later arrested.

Police are still investigating the activities of the two 15-year-old males, two others aged 14 and 17, two females aged 13 and 17, and another person.