Entertainment precinct accessible for all

8:08 pm on 27 May 2013

A Christchurch property developer is being praised for his $100 million redevelopment in the central city that will be accessible to all people.

Antony Gough outlined his plans for a key entertainment precinct to run along Oxford Terrace at a design symposium on Monday.

Mr Gough said it is important that retail outlets, bars and boutique hotel are fully accessible to all people, regardless of their mobility capabilities.

The nine buildings will include 13 elevators, wide footpaths, even ground surfaces and gentle slopes.

Mr Gough says the large number of elevators will make the build significantly more expensive, but says it is an "essential cost" and will benefit the whole community.

Lifemark standards aim to make homes safe and easy for people of all ages and abilities. Spokesperson Ross Megget says the design plans set the benchmark for mobility-friendly buildings unseen before in Christchurch.

Mr Gough says the first stage of the development is expected to begin in June. The precinct is set to open in October 2014.