Judge seeks more information over Cathedral payout

8:23 pm on 8 April 2013

A judge wants more information before deciding if money taken from the ChristChurch Cathedral insurance payout can be used to pay for the temporary 'cardboard cathedral' in the earthquake-damaged city.

The Anglican church in Cathedral Square was badly damaged in the February 2011quake.

The church wants to spend $4 million of the payout on the $5 million building, which is being constructed from large cardboard tubes in nearby Latimer Square, and is seeking clarification from the High Court on whether it can legally do this.

Justice Panckhurst on Monday called for more information on the matter and directed that a telephone conference be held.

He has asked Church Property Trustees, which controls the cathedral, to set out its views in a memorandum.

The judge has also sought memoranda on the issue from the Attorney-General and the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust, which opposes the demolition of the stone church.

The ruling follows another in late 2012 in which Justice Chisholm questioned whether the insurance money should be used for another site.