Port Hills residents debate rezoning with experts

9:07 pm on 29 August 2012

About 100 residents from Christchurch's Port Hills have heatedly debated recent land zoning decisions with earthquake recovery leaders.

Geotechnical engineers on Wednesday explained some of the details behind last week's announcement on rockfall risk.

Some 121 properties were zoned red, which means the land can't be built on, while five were green, meaning they can be lived on. The future of 37 remains unknown.

Port Hills community spokesperson Simon Langer says some of the technical information was good, but believes the models used to determine the fate of properties are not site specific enough, as every home and hillside has a different topography and type of rock.

Mr Langer says the group of people wanting to stay in their homes is now small enough to warrant individual meetings with the recovery authority to discuss the zoning.

Residents can apply for a review of their zone.