Court threat for Port Hills home owners

5:56 pm on 30 June 2012

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says people who choose to remain in homes on the Port Hills that the council has deemed uninhabitable, could be taken to court.

More than 1000 houses were rezoned in the Port Hills on Friday, including 206 which were rezoned from white to red, meaning they still cannot be lived in.

Mr Parker says the council wants homeowners to co-operate with the zoning decision, but if they don't, the council will issue a notice to fix and the homeowners could end up in court.

126 of the homes were rezoned from white to green, so they can be inhabited.

Ruth Dyson MP says the rezoning will be a relief for those who have been living in limbo since last February.

But the next two months will be a frustrating time for the 166 homeowners with property in the white zone, who will not know the fate of their land for another eight weeks.

Ms Dyson says dates have been given in the past for decisions that have not eventuated and the Government must ensure that does not happen again.