27 Feb 2012

Australia moves on inactive super accounts

10:38 am on 27 February 2012

The superannuation industry is going through big change in Australia, under which inactive accounts are to be consolidated with existing accounts.

After 20 years of compulsory superannuation, Australia now has the fourth biggest pension pool in the world.

However a new report estimates a quarter of the nation's 28 million individual super accounts are now inactive.

Most of these come from short-term jobs undertaken by young people who in many cases don't realise they have superannuation owing to them, a correspondent in Sydney for Radio New Zealand reports.

Under a new plan by the Federal government, inactive accounts, many containing only a few hundred dollars, will be consolidated with members' existing accounts using a streamlined national administration system.

The Australian government estimates a saving in costs of $A20 billion over 10 years for an outlay of just 5% of that total.