16 Feb 2012

Men favour risk in KiwiSaver investment

8:03 am on 16 February 2012

A study has found men take more risks than women when it comes to KiwiSaver investments.

The research was commissioned by the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and the Institute of Financial Advisors and carried out by Massey University. .

Dr Claire Matthews of the Massey School of Economics and Finance analysed the data and found men were more likely to put their KiwiSaver in high volatile investment funds such as growth or aggressive funds whereas women favoured the conservative funds.

She says men recognise that their investment choices may results in better returns in the longer term, but that they are likely to be more volatile in the short term and accepted that reality.

Women, on the other hand, tend to favour consistent returns over the term of the investment, but longer term, the returns are not likely to be as good, Dr Matthews says.

She says another finding was that both the young and the elderly were more likely to invest in conservative funds.