16 Feb 2012

Carterton company using German technology to expand products

8:03 am on 16 February 2012

Renall Doors of Carterton is installing sophisticated German machinery that will allow it to make European-style double and triple glazed exterior doors and windows.

The $1.5 million machine is linked with special software to allow Renall to produce the doors and windows, which until now have had to be imported.

Carmeron Shaw - who bought the business 20 years ago after it went into receivership - says wood is making a comeback in Europe because of it is sustainable and able to meet strict performance ratings demanded by European government.

He believes standards will also rise here and Renall Doors wanted to be ready for that market.

Mr Shaw says until recently the joinery business operated much as it had for hundreds of years and when he took over the company he decided to change that.

The company digitised all its products and in 1998 purchased a machine that enabled it to make a hugely improved product and increased Renall Door's flexibility to cope with any demand for customised doors.

Then, last year, Mr Shaw says the decision was taken to get into window and door business and he wrote out the "big cheque" for the new machine.

The company currently employs 13 staff and makes customised solid wood interior and exterior doors for use in commercial and residential buildings.