10 Feb 2012

More education needed on ultrafast broadband says Orcon

7:18 am on 10 February 2012

Orcon chief executive Scott Bartlett believes better education about ultrafast broadband is needed.

The Commerce Commission has released a report on the uptake of the $1.5 billion ultrafast broadband scheme which will allow 75% of New Zealanders to access high speed broadband before 2020.

About half of those surveyed had some interest in connecting to the new fibre cable.

The study found most customers were not willing to pay more than $10 extra a month for broadband.

Mr Bartlett says too little has been said about the benefits of the new service.

He says there's an immense difference in speed and the availability of applications when fibre, as compared to copper, which is used at the moment.

Mr Bartlett says so far the debate has been around how much is being spent to build the network rather than focusing on the benefits of ultrafast broadband.

He says ultrafast broadband gives consumers and businesses the ability to download more, and says it could help businesses save money in the long run.

Mr Bartlett says it could improve productivity, access to markets and innovation.