17 Jan 2012

Cable network capacity boosted and prices lowered

1:39 pm on 17 January 2012

The company running the Southern Cross cable says the network's capacity has been boosted again and prices have fallen.

The undersea cable, which is the platform for Australia's national broadband network and New Zealand's ultra fast broadband network, has undergone its fifth major upgrade since it was completed in 2000.

The network now has a capacity of 1.4 terabits per second, which will increase to 1.6 terabits by March and 2 terabits by December.

The company says it will have the potential to reach at least 6 terabits per second by December next year, which is about 25 times higher than the original design capability in 2000.

The company says it has reduced its prices to the United States from New Zealand and Australia by 44%.