17 Jan 2012

Rating for France held by Moodys

5:42 am on 17 January 2012

Moody's is maintaining its credit rating of AAA for France for now despite a downgrade by another ratings agency.

On Friday, France and eight other Eurozone countries were downgraded by Standard & Poor's.

Moody's said on Monday it would update its position on France later this quarter.

European stock markets were flat on Monday, despite S&P's decision to cut credit ratings for France and several other EU countries. Earlier, Asian markets saw slight falls.

On Monday, Moody's said the deterioration in France's debt position was ''putting pressure'' on the country's stable outlook.

It said the AAA rating might come under pressure if France's public debt kept rising or if the eurozone debt crisis worsened.

On Friday, S&P said France was being downgraded by one notch, to AA+. However, the BBC reports France still has a top AAA rating from Fitch also.