30 Sep 2011

Air NZ expects further delays on Dreamliner order

8:40 am on 30 September 2011

Air New Zealand says it expects further delays for its order of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

The planes are due to arrive in New Zealand in 2013, but Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe says it could be a year after that before they are delivered.

Mr Fyfe says the airline is negotiating with Boeing for more compensation due to the lengthy delay.

He says it's more likely the aircraft will begin operating in the second half of 2014 - more than three and a half years after the scheduled original delivery date.

Mr Fyfe says the delay is costing Air New Zealand tens of millions of dollars in terms of having to operate less efficient aircraft for longer and having to refit older aircraft as substitutes for the aircraft that haven't arrived.

He says Air New Zealand has already received substantial compensation and is in negotiations about further compensation, but the actual numbers are confidential.

Japan's All Nippon Airways received the first of the lighter, more fuel-efficient planes this week, three years behind schedule.