13 Apr 2011

Hotchin's name suppressed 'to protect investors'

7:33 pm on 13 April 2011

The head of failed company Hanover Finance says his name was suppressed in a trial of three people for fraud to protect investors in his company.

The Rotorua District Court has now lifted suppression on Mark Hotchin's appearance as a witness in the trial in 2004.

William and Mary Papple and Tina West were convicted for their part in a finance scam between 2000 and 2002.

Mr Hotchin was an investor in the scam and lost money in it and says his

name was suppressed at the time because he wanted to protect Hanover and its investors.

He says his investment was made in a personal capacity, not by Hanover.

Mr Hotchin says he was led to believe that the money was going into an overseas investment, however, he says he was clearly misled and was let down by the fraud.

He says he was told the three people could be trusted but the advice given to him proved to be flawed.

Mr Hotchin and 120 other people lost money and he says he was happy to assist the Serious Fraud Office and give evidence at the trial.