3 Mar 2011

Quake aid website extends to businesses

8:44 am on 3 March 2011

TradeMe is launching a business portal on its website where firms can offer help to quake-affected Christchurch businesses.

The internet auction site set up a section last week dedicated to Christchurch quake support where people can volunteer their services, accommodation or transport.

It says it is now extending that service, specifically with businesses in mind.

Spokesperson Paul Ford says they have had an overwhelming response already.

He says everything has been offered - from computers, to rooms available for businesses, to hairdressers with extra space.

Mr Ford says engineering companies that are still running have offered work to other engineers and some are effectively competitors helping each other out.

He says recipients can also arrange transport of any donated goods on the website.

Barter system urged

A business bartering group is urging firms around the country to donate goods and services in exchange for barter credits that can be used to help Christchurch firms back on their feet.

BBX New Zealand has about 800 members, half of them in Christchurch.

The trading system allows them to buy and sell goods and services without using cash.

Managing director Ian Jones says many firms in Christchurch had already been struggling following September's quake, but they do have spare capacity that is tradable.

Mr Jones says he is asking businesses outside the battered region to help out.