8 Dec 2010

Financial safety net large enough, EU decides

1:20 pm on 8 December 2010

European Union finance ministers have decided not to increase a 750 billion euro bail out fund for eurozone countries that get into trouble

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had called for the EU to do more, because there are concerns Portugal, Spain and Italy could require rescues like those given to Greece and Ireland.

Ministers from the 16 country eurozone say the financial sector is still troubled, but the region is on its way to economic recovery, and the existing safety net is large enough, the BBC reports.

Tougher bank tests

EU banks will have to face a second, tougher round of stress tests from February.

The stress tests are an attempt to identify which banks are well positioned to ride out the debt crisis, and which are overburdened by toxic assets and bad debts.

EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn says the new tests will be more rigorous and even more comprehensive than in the past