26 Oct 2010

Early planning needed by NZ for post-event period

3:38 pm on 26 October 2010

An international marketing and branding consultant believes New Zealand businesses need to start planning now for when the hangover from the 2011 Rugby World Cup kicks in.

Hill Knowlton managing director Marcus Warner says companies also need to plan for how they might be affected if the production of The Hobbit is moved offshore.

Mr Warner, who works with companies like Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand, says events like The Hobbit and the Rugby World Cup create a 'halo' effect, which can boost the wider economy by drawing more tourists and millions of dollars in income.

But he says businesses can struggle, if they don't plan for when the 'glow' of such big events starts to fade.

You have to start thinking now about the legacy of the event, he said.

Marcus Warner also said that while New Zealand has benefited hugely from its 'clean, green image', companies need to promote other aspects, such as food, wine and cultural diversity, that will help to draw more tourists in the future.