14 Sep 2010

Babyfood company looks to markets in Asia

7:18 am on 14 September 2010

An organic babyfood company based in Christchurch is concentrating on Asian markets.

Green Monkey was founded by Charlotte Rebbeck and her sister Lizzie Dyer in 2004 and originally sold frozen babyfood.

But in 2006, a switch to pouches, which can be stored on the shelf, allowed it to expand overseas.

Last year, the company produced almost 1 million pouches of its products, which it currently exports to Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, China and soon to Thailand.

Green Monkey currently produces three different flavour combinations, and will soon add two meat products to its range.

Ms Rebbeck says Green Monkey recently made the decision to stop selling in the United States, after launching there 18 months ago, in order to concentrate on the rapid growth of its products in Asia.

She says the costs of distribution were too high in the US.

Another partner in the business is Andy MacBeth, the former head of Cookie Time, who helped paved the way for expansion.

Ms Rebbeck says demand from China is strong, as parents increasingly want traceable and reliable babyfood for their children.

She says the company now has 16 people involved in sales there.