16 Sep 2014

Fund manager sells NZ bonds in Japan

8:37 am on 16 September 2014

A New Zealand-based fund manager has been selling New Zealand bonds in Japan through its Japanese parent company.

Tyndall Asset Management, which is now changing its name to that of the Japanese parent, Nikko Asset Management, has sold almost $300 million of fixed-interest securities in Japan this year.

The New Zealand subsidiary has nearly $4 billion in funds under management.

New Zealand managing director Peter Lynn said his company planned to sell more New Zealand bonds in Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

He said the company may look to other Asian regions.

Mr Lynn said the New Zealand economic story is good and the yields are high and for investors in countries that have very low yields New Zealand bonds are fairly safe and reasonably liquid and are quite an attractive investment proposition.

He said overseas investors consider the New Zealand market as safe and that it provides diversity from the US.