31 Mar 2014

Smart parking firm takes on world

9:18 am on 31 March 2014

The technology used to manage car parking has gone from coin meters to some of the most sophisticated gadgetry there is, much of it led by a company based at Cambridge in Waikato.

Smart Parking, has grown from an idea dreamed up in a New Zealand garage, to a company now employing up to 600 people world-wide.

Smart Parking is a world leader in laser parking technology.

Smart Parking is a world leader in laser parking technology. Photo: AFP

It provides tools to make parking easier at shopping centres, showing when and where an available parking space is, through to managing and enforcing parking zones, all using the latest sensor technology.

Commercial manager Jake Bezzant says the company has grown quickly since it was started eight years ago as technology has become more available and affordable.

He says that within ten years the parking industry world-wide could be worth anywhere between $1 billion and $40 billion and he is keen to retain world leader ranking.

Mr Bezzant says the company has many things in its favour to help achieve this goal.

"Innovation-wise we're still way ahead of the other competitors, on price we're probably more expensive because we manufacture everything in New Zealand.

"But that also means we're more reliable, our products work, and we've got a better working percentage that any other company in the world."

He says the company has just won a contract with the City of Westminster, in London which he attributes to the company's reputation for reliable performance.

He says constantly changing technology keeps Smart Parking on its toes.

"As long as you are producing clean, accurate data you will continue to move with the times.

Mr Bezzant says Smart Parking is likely to stick to its core business, but isn't ruling out diversifying within the industry.