17 Sep 2013

Meridian research to be made public

1:11 pm on 17 September 2013

Stock exchange operator NZX says it has been working closely with the financial markets community to make independent research on Meridian Energy available.

NZX says the independent research from Woodward Partners and Edison will be accessible via the nzx.com website once the Government's retail offer has opened.

It says this will ensure independent research is widely available to the public.

The Government is planning to sell up to 49% of Meridian and the shares are due to begin trading on 29 October.

During the float of 49% of Mighty River Power in May, little research was available to retail investors because most of the broking firms which normally provide such research were contracted by the Government to assist with the float.

NZX says it is running a research pilot program which aims to increase the research coverage of listed companies.

It says First NZ Capital and Morningstar will also be making their research available under this programme.