9 May 2013

Text messaging being replaced by chat apps

7:40 am on 9 May 2013

New research suggests the traditional text message could become a thing of the past, with chat apps taking over as the preferred method of communication between friends.

The Informa Telecoms and Media consultancy says there were more instant messages than text messages being sent daily by the end of last year.

The research says an average of 19.1 billion instant messages were sent per day in 2012, compared with an average of 17.6 billion texts.

The company predicts by the end of this year the number of instant messages sent will be more than double those sent via text, estimating an average of 41 billion instant messages sent every day.

Mark Newman of Informa said the change has a lot to do with people saving money from using the chat apps rather than texting.

He said if people have already bought their data plan, it's cheaper to use a chat app than to send an text message.