4 Oct 2012

Most viewers try to avoid TV ads - survey

7:06 am on 4 October 2012

A new consumer study shows television viewers try and avoid advertisements as best they can.

Canstar Blue surveyed 587 people who recently bought a new television.

Of those, 77% of respondents avoid watching advertisements, while some people fast-forward if they have the technology, such as MySky.

About 20% said they watch more content online than on television.

Canstar national manager Derek Bonnar said that while television viewing has not changed much, dodging advertisements has.

He said advertisers need to start considering the impact of getting through to customers in terms of the changing patterns around television use.

"If less ads are being watched one would assume it's less exposure for advertisers to their customers, it's an interesting trend and it's certainly going to be interesting to see if it continues in future years."

Mr Bonnar said about 87% of respondents to its survey said they are ready for the switch to digital television.