2 Sep 2012

NZ film industry seen as robust

2:20 pm on 2 September 2012

A new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers says the New Zealand film industry is in robust shape.

PwC says the sector, from film making to broadcast, cinemas and video hire, contributes $2.8 billion to the New Zealand economy.

That is up from the last survey in 2008 and 1.4% of Gross Domestic Product.

The survey is based on figures to the end of last year.

PwC says the film industry is a high-income, high-productivity industry, with an average wage of $71,000, way above the national average of $51,000.

Among those commissioning the study were the New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft, the Home Entertainment Association, the Motion Picture Distributors Association, the National Association of Cinema Operators and others.