31 Jul 2012

NZers least tempted to add holidays to business trips

1:58 pm on 31 July 2012

The latest survey of Asia Pacific business travellers shows New Zealanders are the least likely to mix business with pleasure when they travel on company time.

The Accor Asia Pacific Business Traveller Survey found New Zealand business travellers are the least inclined to take advantage of corporate credit cards or extend business trips.

Of the New Zealand respondents, 11% said say they extended their trip to visit friends and relatives, 10% had tacked on a holiday and 12% had taken a friend or partner along on the trip.

This compares with 33% of Taiwanese, a quarter of Malaysians and a fifth of Hong Kong respondents who said they had extended their business trips to take a holiday.

The survey questioned more than 2,500 people, of whom three quarters were men.