15 Jun 2012

Eurobonds vetoed by Germany

1:15 pm on 15 June 2012

Plans to issue eurobonds as a way of pooling member countries' debt have been ruled out by Germany.

The plan would allow countries with high levels of debt, like Greece, to issue eurobonds for debt above that level, which would be repaid over 25 years.

This would allow indebted countries struggling with high borrowing costs on the bond market, to be able to take advantage of lower rates offered to countries within the eurozone, like Germany.

But deputy finance minister Steffen Kampeter says debt is a national responsibility and the plan goes against the European Union's constitution.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also warned that world leaders should not overestimate the country's ability to find a way out of the euro crisis.

Mrs Merkel says Germany is an engine of economic growth, but its options are not unlimited.

She says Germany could contemplate a collective shouldering of debt by members of the euro zone, but only after a stronger political union.