7 Jun 2012

CTU says NZ employers blocking panel hearing

12:13 pm on 7 June 2012

The Council of Trade Unions says New Zealand employers are among a group who blocked hearings of the worst cases of workers' rights violations at a labour conference in Switzerland.

The International Labour Organisation's annual conference in Geneva is being attended by unions, employers and government delegates from the 183 members.

At the conference, a panel of 17 jurists normally discuss the 25 worst cases of workers' rights abuse, but that was voted against by the employers' group.

CTU secretary, Peter Conway says employers are unhappy with comments made by the panel about workers' right to strike.

He says they are denying important discussion on situations including the murder of trade unionists in Columbia and the campaign against unions in Guatemala and Swaziland.

Mr Conway says it is the first time the hearings have been blocked and it is a major concern.

New Zealand employers at the conference are represented by Business New Zealand.