30 Apr 2012

Cloud computing startup deal offered

7:00 am on 30 April 2012

Icehouse business incubator manager Nick Egerton says cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important tool of the trade for startups, and a new corporate partnership should help up-and-coming businesses get to market faster.

Microsoft's BizSpark Plus is allowing The Icehouse and the Wellington-based, Creative HQ, to offer startups of up to $60,000 worth of free cloud computing services for two years, with a discounted subscription after that.

Mr Egerton says cloud computing is playing an increasingly important role in startups' development.

He says the majority of customers at The Icehouse who have their principal business online or on the web automatically think about cloud based services.

Mr Egerton says the cloud cuts development costs, assists with ongoing operational storage, particularly of large amounts of data, and enables companies to expand rapidly as they apply their services internationally.