26 Apr 2012

More support urged for Asian-born business graduates

9:04 am on 26 April 2012

Companies are being urged to change their attitude to Asia-born business graduates after a study showing many face barriers to employment or leave the country with negative memories.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation's third report on the tracking study of Asian business graduates says many are highly-skilled, multilingual and expert at working across different cultures.

The Government aims to double the economic value of international education to $5 billion by 2025.

But the foundation's director of policy and research Dr Andrew Butcher says some students have had negative experiences here which could harm New Zealand's reputation.

While the study found examples of employers helping graduates with immigration paperwork to be able to keep them on staff, there were other instances of employers reluctant to become involved in the process.

Dr Butcher says businesses need to do more to support the students when they are studying and after graduation.

Dr Butcher says more than 250 business students and graduates took part in the three-part study and all wanted to maintain links with New Zealand.