6 May 2016

Isolated Auckland city parents brought together by Plunket

4:18 pm on 6 May 2016

Auckland parents are finding solace from the loneliness and isolation of city life in a weekly playgroup.

A group of mothers have joined together after meeting in an online study set up by Plunket.

The study looked at the lives of 22 parents with children under the age of five and their experiences living in the inner city.

Plunket project manager Jacqui Arnold said more than 1000 young children live in central Auckland, and there's not much support for their parents.

"Parents are really lonely, partly because the buildings are really high rise and you don't know your neighbour, you come from different countries, but also partly because there isn't anything to support families in the city.

"There is one playground, Myers Park which is suitable for under-fives. There are no warm, dry spaces for kids to play other than the library."

More than 80 parents have signed up to the playgroup, which she hoped would continue to happen weekly.