16 Dec 2015

Tourist van seen driving dangerously before fatal crash - coroner

9:06 pm on 16 December 2015

A coroner's report out today details how a central Otago driver saw a van full of tourists passing a school bus on double yellow lines shortly before a crash that killed three of them.

Nicola Doherty told police she was angry because that, and the driving of a second van in the same party, was very dangerous.

Shortly afterwards, the front van failed to give way and was hit by a large truck at the intersections of State Highways 6 and 8A.

Allan Chan, who had taken over driving just 20 minutes earlier, was killed along with his wife Kwai Tei 'Connie' Chong and passenger Yin Wan 'Pricilla' Ng.

The coroner says Mr Chan wasn't used to driving on open rural roads and that may have been a factor, but fatigue was not a factor and the truck driver was not to blame.