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Monday 11 November - Moondog: Sound of New York

Twenty years after his death, New Yorker Huey Morgan examines the life, work and enduring appeal of the musician known as Moondog who lived and worked on the city's streets in the 1950s and '60s.

Tuesday 12 November - How to Save the Banana

On banana plantations on four continents, a deadly fungus is creeping through the soil and destroying the plants. We meet the farmers, scientists and gene technologists trying to find a way to save the fruit.

Wednesday 13 November - Cameroon's MMA champion

By the age of 10 Francis Ngannou was working in a sand quarry, where he dreamed of becoming a world class boxer. As a young man he traversed the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea to find himself homeless in Paris. From there, within an extraordinarily short amount of time, he exploded through the ranks to the highest echelons of the fastest growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts.

Thursday 14 November - Can you have your plate and eat it?

The food industry has a big problem with packaging, but what if you could simply eat your wrapper or coffee cup instead of throwing it away?