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Monday 4 November - Battle lines #2- The Violence Spreads

Ruth Sanderson grew up in Northern Ireland yet never really understood how the Troubles started. In the second programme, looking back at Scarman testimonies and talking to her parents who were caught up in events, Ruth is trying to work out how Northern Ireland spiralled out of control. Fifty years on and with her first baby on the way, Ruth wants to know if the legacy of the Troubles will ever be lifted in a Northern Ireland which is still divided today. (Pt.2of 2, BBC) 

Tuesday 5 November - So where are the aliens?

Astronomer Seth Shostak tackles questions about whether we are alone in the universe.

Wednesday 6 November - The future of freight

Most heavy-duty vehicles run on diesel and they account for a quarter of the EU’s CO2 emissions from road transport. But making eco-friendly lorries and trucks is challenging.

Thursday 7 November - What is the value of women’s work?

Iceland has taken radical measures to reduce its gender pay gap. That's not just about equalising pay when men and women do the same job but when they do different jobs of equal value. Lesley Curwen finds out how that works.