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Monday 28 October - Battle Lines #1 Northern Ireland 1969

The Northern Ireland Troubles began when civil disturbances tipped into widespread violence across a single week in August 1969.  To understand the issue of the Irish Border  in the Brexit Debate, you have to understand something of that conflict and howm it began.  In this 2-part BBC documentary, BBC Northern Ireland presenter, Ruth Sanderson, tries to find out. (Pt.1 of 2, BBC)


Tuesday 29 October - Being black in Italy

BBC Africa journalist Dickens Olewe follows Tony Iwobi, Italy’s first and only black senator in the Senate in Rome to find out what it’s like to be black in a party that’s widely perceived as racist, and hear how a new generation of black Italians are fighting to claim their place in a society that’s still very white. (BBC)


Wednesday 30 October - I'm With The Chef

TV Dramas rarely paint a pretty picture of Michelin-starred chefs - but is it the truth. Emily Thomas sits down with three people who are in long-term relationships with successful chefs and restaurateurs to hear what it's like to live alongside someone in a profession notorious for being intensely stressful, competitive and sometimes a little wild. (BBC)


Thursday 31 October - Trending: The rise of the 'Brazilian Butt Lift'

The Brazilian Butt Lift or as it’s more commonly known, the BBL, is one of the most dangerous cosmetic procedures in the world but that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the most requested procedures. Posts on this type of cosmetic surgery are all over social media which show before and after photos to portray this popular body type. Reporter Lola Mosanya follows one woman considering a BBL.  But before she makes a decision, she speaks to social media influencers, her close friends and medical professionals who help guide her through her choice. (BBC)