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Monday 21 October - The Gospel of Wealth
What should billionaires do with their money? The world’s greatest philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie said they should give it all away. (BBC)

Tuesday 22 October - Will robot pickers change our fruit?
How a shortage of fruit pickers, and a move to robotic pickers  is affecting our food. (BBC)

Wednesday 23 October -The town rethinking the future of energy
Erika Benke  visits the city of Vaasa in western Finland which has built a reputation as a centre of innovation, where energy companies are working together to try to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems especially climate change. (BBC)

Thursday 24 October - Argentina’s ‘white gold’ rush
With the advent of electric cars, manufacturers tell us we’re racing towards a clean-energy future. It’s lithium that powers these vehicles. Most of the world’s stocks of this lightest of metals are found  beneath salt flats, high in the Andes and massive projects are underway in Jujuy, Argentina - the province with the highest percentage of indigenous households in the country. But in this super-dry region, water the most precious resource, and with  lithium extraction demanding huge quantities of it, there’s anxiety - and outright opposition. (BBC)