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Monday 14 October - Translating for Mum and Dad'
Dr Humera Iqbal explores the unique lives and experiences faced by British teenagers and children whose parents do not speak English. (BBC)

Tuesday 15 October - Can Liberian rubber bounce back?
Josephine Casserly meets a retired Californian policeman, James Cooper, who has returned to his grandfather’s farm, determined to revolutionise Liberia’s rubber industry. But in a country with a struggling economy and endemic corruption, can he succeed? (BBC)

Wednesday 16 October - Living with Parkinson's (3 of 3)
With diagnosis increasing as we all live longer, Jane Hill looks at what is it like to live with Parkinson's Disease?  She hears about research to find  a cure for Parkinson’s. Early diagnosis, repurposing drugs and genetics all hold promise but Jane asks would people prefer better treatments now? (BBC)

Thursday 17 October – Nigeria: Sex for grades
A year-long  BBC investigation reveals how in West Africa, University lecturers - who can make or break academic careers - groom victims in academic settings; abusing their power to try to get what they want. Sex for grades is described as being so normalised it has become an epidemic, where vast numbers of young women have been harassed and abused. (BBC)