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Monday 30 September - Down on the Farm: Suicide, stress and farmers

It can be an incredibly tough business and many farmers struggle to make ends meet. But aside from financial pressures, are there other aspects of agricultural work and life that could contribute to mental illness?


Tuesday 1 October - Booming Private Security in Rio

John Murphy sees how high crime has led to a boom in armoured cars, gun clubs and facial recognition technology in Rio.


Wednesday 2 October - Living with Parkinson's (1 of 3)

BBC newsreader Jane Hill’s father and uncle both lived with Parkinson’s. PD, a neurological condition, is increasing globally but how have diagnosis, treatment and attitudes changed?


Thursday 3 October - Chile's Stolen Babies

A Chilean man - adopted at birth and sent overseas - searches for the mother forced to give him up. He is among thousands now finding out the truth about their past.