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Monday 16 September - A new way to detect an invisible poison in water

The WHO says more than 35 million Bangladeshis have been chronically exposed to arsenic in their drinking water, and about 40,000 die of arsenicosis every year. The field test for it is inaccurate and prone to human error. Most Bangladeshis drink from wells in their back yards which haven’t been tested for years, if at all. But now a gadget is being developed which will allow anyone to test a well cheaply, instantly and accurately.


Tuesday 17 September - Hearing me

Carly Sygrove is a British teacher living in Madrid. She was sitting in her school’s auditorium when suddenly her head was filled with a loud screeching sound. In this intimate programme for the BBC World Service, Carly shares her personal story and speaks honestly about life with hearing in only one ear.


Wednesday 18 September - Colombia’s kamikaze cyclists

Precipitous mountain roads, specially-modified bikes, and deadly consequences. Simon Maybin spends time with the young men who race down the steep roads of Colombia’s second city Medellin.


Thursday 19 September - Plain sailing?

How is Rotterdam, Europe's biggest port, preparing for Brexit?