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Monday 2 September - Ritual Slaughter Under Threat  
Belgium is the latest European country to put restrictions on religious slaughter methods. For many this is purely an animal welfare issue, but others see the changes as part of an anti-immigration shift pushed by right-wing nationalists. (BBC)

Tuesday 3 September - Afghan Star: Music, tradition and the Taliban
The TV talent show Afghan Star has been running for 14 years, and has never been won by a woman singer. This year one of the two finalists is an 18-year-old girl – if she wins, it will be a historic breakthrough for the country. (BBC)

Wednesday 4 September - Her Story made History: Michelle Bachelet
Lyse Doucet presents in-depth interviews with remarkable women about the relationship between women and democracy. (BBC)

Thursday 5 September - Lethal Force in Rio’s Favelas
Brazil’s party capital, Rio de Janeiro, is witnessing a killing spree. Nothing new there, you might think – it’s long suffered from violent crime. Yet in this case, it’s the police who stand accused of perpetrating much of the bloodshed. The city’s impoverished informal townships - known as favelas - are home to criminal gangs with whom security forces are doing battle on a daily basis, using armoured vehicles, high velocity firearms and even helicopter gunships. (BBC)