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Mon 19 August  - Peterloo: The massacre that changed Britain
Editor in Chief of Britain’s The Guardian newspaper Katharine Viner charts the story of the infamous Peterloo Massacre which happened in Manchester 200 years ago this year – a devastating event which would have a huge impact on how Britain was run. (BBC)

Tue 20 August  - Vaira Vike Freiberga
Lyse Doucet talks to remarkable women across the globe about their role in the democratic system. In this first programme, the BBC's Chief International Correspondent hears the extraordinary life story of Vaira Vike-Freiberga. (BBC)

Wed 21 August - Dynasties
Emily Thomas meets the descendants of three food dynasties to find out how well work and family really mix when it comes to the food business. (BBC)

Thu 22 August  - The Life Scientific: Erica McAlister
Dr Erica McAlister, of London's Natural History Museum, talks to Jim Al-Khalili about the beautiful world of flies and the 2.5 million specimens for which she is jointly responsible. (BBC)