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Monday 22 July - Germany’s Climate Change Frontline
Over the past four decades, the beautiful Hambacher Forest  in the German Rhineland has been slowly devoured by a voracious coal mine. Protesters have been staging a last stand to protect the trees. But they have arrived too late to prevent the demolition of two villages that also stand in the way of the mine’s relentless progress. Today's Window on the World looks at how the forest has become a powerful symbol of climate change resistance. (BBC)

Tuesday 23 July - The Superlingists – Part 3 of 4
What is it like to live in a place where you have to speak several languages to get by? - In the third programme of his Series 'The Superlinguists ' Simon Calder takes a close look at India where English is  the one thing that the country's millions have in common - linguistiocally speaking(BBC)

Wednesday 24 July - What Next For The Moon
The Moon rush is back on. And this time it’s a global race.(BBC)

Thursday 25 July - Angela Hartnett: My Life in 5 Dishes
British Chef Angela Hartnett describes her life in five dishes(BBC)