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Copyright restrictions prevent us from making these programmes available as audio on demand or podcasts.

Monday 8 July – Denmark’s Migration Ghettoes
Assignment reports on Denmark’s immigration policy, which is among the most controversial in Western Europe. (BBC)

Tuesday 9 July – Superlinguists Episode 1 
Imagine speaking 10, 20, even 50 languages. Simon Calder meets polyglots who love languages so much that they keep learning new ones. (BBC)

Wednesday 10 July - 13 Minutes to the Moon #8 of 9
Go for powered descent: The story of the first moon landing, told by the people who made it happen. (BBC)

Thursday 11 July – When is a Burger not a Burger?
The Food Chain explores the growth in vegetarian burgers and sausages and whether they belong in the meat aisle of your supermarket. (BBC)