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Monday 3 June -Sudan’s white-coated uprising
When ongoing street protests finally pushed Sudan’s repressive president from power last month, it was the country’s doctors many thanked. Ever since Omar al-Bashir’s successful coup in 1989 they had defied him. Staging strikes, organising demonstrations, and campaigning for human rights, the country’s white-coated men and women opposed all he stood for. In the last few months alone scores of them were jailed, beaten, tortured and some deliberately gunned down. Through the eyes of a murdered medic’s family, Mike Thomson looks at the extraordinary role these unlikely revolutionaries have played in Sudan’s uprising. (BBC)

Tuesday 4 June -After the Boats
During the Migrant Crisis thousands of Nigerian women were trafficked into Italy for sexual exploitation. In 2016 alone 11,000 made the perilous journey through lawless Libya and then in flimsy boats across the Mediterranean. Naomi Grimley asks what became of them when they got to Europe. (BBC)

Wednesday 5 June -13 Minutes to the Moon #3 of 9
It's approaching the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing.  Kevin Fong presents 13 Minutes to the Moon - a nine part podcast series.  Episode three: Ugly, angry, with four legs and wrapped in gold: it was a spacecraft like nothing on Earth. The story of Grumman’s lunar module. (BBC)

Thursday 6 June -Samin Nosrat: My life in five dishes
The award-winning star of Netflix series 'Salt, Fat, Acid Heat' and author of the best-selling cookbook, tells us about her life through five of her most memorable dishes. (BBC)