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Monday 6 May - The Life Scientific #5 of 5
Dr Cat Hobaiter spends much of her time in the rain forests of Africa studying the gestures of chimps. She tells Jim Al-Khalili about what she thinks the gestures mean. (BBC)
Tuesday 7 May -  Dark fibres and the frozen north
If data is the new oil, are data centres the new oil rigs? Far into the north of Europe, under half a year of darkness, where the landscape has inspired folklore and legend, are some of the biggest data centres in the world. The frozen mountains and deep fjords under the aurora hide the “dark fibre“ for the modern internet to function in the way we all want it to – instantly and reliably. . (BBC)
Wednesday 8 May - The Populist Curtain #1 of 2
1. Poland and Hungary.  Political scientist Yascha Mounk travels from Szczecin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, the route of the former "Iron Curtain" and finds out what is changing under the new populist governments, in smaller cities far away from the capitals. He speaks to supporters and opponents of the populist parties and builds up a complex picture of Europe in a time of flux. . (BBC)
Thursday 9 May - Food After Loss
In the second of two programmes on food and grief, Emily Thomas explores the food experiences of the widowed. No matter where we are in the world, when we’re grieving, we need the nourishment and comfort that food can provide more than ever. But losing the person we eat with most can make mealtimes hard to face, and this can devastate our physical and mental well-being. We hear from widowers and widows about how they managed to find joy in food again. . (BBC)