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Monday 15 April - The Life Scientific #2 of 5
Jim Al-Khalili talks to Ken Gabriel, the engineer responsible for popularising many of the micro devices found in smartphones and computers. Ken explains how he was inspired by what he could do with a stick and a piece of string. This led to an engineering adventure taking in spacecraft, military guidance systems and the micro-mechanical devices we use every day in our computers and smartphones (BBC)

Tuesday 16 April - India's forbidden love
At a time when religious extremism and honour killings have been dominating the political and social discourse, we take a look at the issues surrounding marriages between inter-faith and inter-caste couples. Divya Arya, the BBC’s Women’s Affairs journalist in India, tells the story of couples who have fled their homes and communities in fear of their lives in the name of love. (BBC)

Thursday 18 April - An inspector calls
Restaurateurs with guns, chefs wielding knives, and severed heads in bin bags. Life as a food inspector is a lot more fraught than you might think. Emily Thomas meets three food safety officers from around the globe who reveal what it’s like to be one of the most feared people in the industry. (BBC)

Friday 19 April - Money Clinic #1 of 2
It can be hard to talk about money, even with those we’re closest to. And yet with financial disagreements being a major cause of divorce, it’s critical that we do. The BBC Money Clinic invites couples to talk honestly and openly about their finances and their relationship with an expert. (BBC)