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Monday 18 March - Abandoned in the Amazon
When a light aircraft carrying two families from local Indian tribes disappeared over the Amazon recently, relatives scoured the rainforest for weeks, until hunger and illness forced them to give up. Tim Whewell investigates  the dangers of flying in the world’s greatest remaining wilderness - where most flights are clandestine – and the fears of indigenous communities that the government is increasingly indifferent to their needs. (BBC)

Tuesday 19 March - Where Are You Going - 2 of 3 Cardiff
With Brexit fast approaching, Catherine Carr talks to people on the move in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast and London. Are the people she meets downcast, delighted, or disinterested? At a time of political and social upheaval, we find out what is really on their minds. (BBC)

Wednesday 20 March - As the World Sees Britain #4 of 5
Canada and how it sees Britain.  In Canada, Neil MacGrego hears from French-Canadian film director, Denys Arcand; writer and Booker Prize nominee, Madeleine Thien; and Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland. (BBC)

Thursday 21 March - How to feed the Falklands
How does a tiny community living on a series of rugged, windswept islands in the south west Atlantic Ocean manage to eat a varied diet?  Food writer and chef Gerard Baker meets the islanders trying to be more self-sufficient and championing their own produce. (BBC)