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Monday 25 February - Malawi: Life After Death Row
Byson expected to be dead long ago. Now in his sixties, he was given a death sentence quarter of a century ago. But instead of being executed, he’s found himself back at home, looking after his elderly mother, holding down a job, and volunteering to help other prisoners leaving jail. His release was part of a re-sentencing project in Malawi. Charlotte McDonald travels to the small town of Balaka to visit the Halfway House where Byson mentors former inmates. (BBC)

Tuesday 26 February - George Weah: The Footballing President
George Weah was one of the greatest African footballers of all time, but is Liberia’s sporting hero as successful at running his country?  The BBC’s Mike Thomson investigates whether the former World Footballer of the Year is keeping his promises. (BBC)

Wednesday 27 February -

Thursday 28 February - A senseless generation?
Are processed foods and urbanisation numbing children’s sensory abilities, and should we teach them to smell, touch, taste and even listen to their food to improve their diets and self-awareness? Emily Thomas meets three people from different parts of the world who work in ‘sensory food education’, which encourages children to explore all aspects of a food. They want young people to be taught these skills in schools, but is this really a job for teachers rather than parents? And could sensory food education really be as important as numeracy and literacy? (BBC)